Tinubu with blueprint to create jobs, promote youth talent – support group

Bola Tinubu
Bola Tinubu

The Edo Volunteers for Tinubu 2023, led by Ms Owolabi Adetutu, has asserted that former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu, who enjoys national support for a Presidential run in 2023, possesses and has demonstrated a sound economic blueprint guaranteed to gainfully engage and promote the talents of Nigeria’s bustling youth population.

Ms Owolabi Adetutu in a statement said, “Tinubu’s dynamic and forward-thinking leadership as Governor of Lagos State and continued recommendations to various governments in the years after have proven powerful and effective drivers of economic growth and prosperity.”

She said: “One of the economic challenges Nigeria has to manage is creating jobs fast and large enough to match our exploding population growth. Oftentimes, the multiplication of jobs in the economy is overshadowed by the fact that new entrants into the economy overwhelm the development.”

“This is where the Tinubu-blueprint is needed, particularly to build on the foundation laid by this administration. As the Governor of Lagos, especially at the time the state had to cope with a large influx of young Nigerians, Tinubu opened up the economy, pursued and implemented creative coalitions, and recalibrated government to focus on creating an enabling environment for private capital attraction and growth.”

“His foresight and dynamic leadership set Lagos on a path that firmly established its position as a leading economic state in the country and Africa.”

“Our country is at a phase where such economic transformation is required and this is why we are fully convinced that Bola Tinubu is best suited to lead the country in 2023.”

Ms Owolabi Adetutu also hinted that the support group is intensifying its campaign efforts for Tinubu in the South-South region, including the planned staging of a media roundtable and other activities to highlight Tinubu’s achievements and the importance of his Presidency at this time in Nigeria’s history.

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