Reasons why Nigerians want Amaechi to become the next President Of Nigeria

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

– By Hon. Andy Umetor,
S.S.A (Media & Publicity) to the National Chairman of Amaechi Vanguard


AMAECHI understands the challenges of the Country and has consistently been an integral part of President Buhari’s government.

When the Nation falls, he will acknowledge his responsibility rather than blame his subordinates. He will recognize himself as the father of the entire nation. Hence, he will treat the State Governors and Local Government Chairmen as his children, and will take full responsibility in helping them whenever they face problems.

He will respect the constitution, abide the laws, and honor the decision of the Court. He also listens and respects the views of the common people.

He will promote unity among his people rather than causing them to divide and have meaningless fights.

He will admit his mistakes and weaknesses. He will also acknowledge that he’s not good at everything.

He will preserve the trust and confidence given to him by the people. And of course, he wouldn’t embezzle the funds of the nation.

He wouldn’t be a puppet. His actions wouldn’t be a product of impartial decisions. He wouldn’t be manipulated by few people who are thirsty of power and wealth of the nation.

He will make the right decisions, show maturity of the mind and his words will provide power and enlightenment to all.

He will have the courage to execute the decisions that he believes are right. He wouldn’t be afraid to stand and fight for righteousness for the sake of his countrymen.

He will understand what his people are going through. He will feel the sufferings of the oppressed and poor people. He is not arrogant, rather he’s gentle and uplifting to people who are suffering from misery and pain.

He will be a role model of hard work. He walks and his talks will inspire his people through his actions. He will make sure that his promises are done and not broken.

He will possess intuit and initiative to create solutions for the present and future problems.

He will serve the public, not because he is compensated with money and fame, but because that is his mission in life.

He will be determined to realize his great visions and dreams for the nation. Patience and persistence will manifest in him.

Finally, he has a selfless love for his people, the nation and for the next generations.

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  1. Nigeria and Nigerian need Amaechi now. 2023. In my opinion Amaechi is the option . Nigeria is at the verge of collaspe . We need a strong , vocal pragmatic leader who is healthy to revamp Nigeria with modern ideologies prone to development accumen . Let’s not forget one major quality of Amaechi . Amaechi is untribalistic . He will bring peace and unity to Nigeria

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