PalmCredit – Get Quick Loan Without Collateral

Did you know PalmCredit allows you get a quick loan from N3,500 – N50,000 in a split second without collateral and stress? 
PalmCredit is an android app that makes getting a mobile loan easy in Nigeria. It makes credit easy for everyone with a smartphone app to help them access short-term loans.
If you are interested to know how to get a quick loan from PalmCredit app without collateral, then keep on reading. On this publication, we’ll show you how to successfully get an instant loan to your Bank account within a minute. Read carefully and follow the procedures to avoid mistakes. Mistakes may lead to rejection of loan application.
PalmCredit is a virtual credit card that makes it easy for you to access a loan anytime and anywhere.
With PalmCredit App you can:
  1. Borrow as many times as you want within your credit limit and without any extra approval steps
  2. Choose your desired loan size and duration
  3. Save more on fees the quicker you repay
  4. Get zero interest if you repay your loan in 2 days.
  5. Access up to N100, 000 limit,



Here’s how to register successfully and get your loan in seconds using the PalmCredit app.

  1. Download the PalmCredit app on the Google play store. Click Here to download.
  2. Register with your phone number and a verification code will be sent to the number registered.
  3. Verify your identity by providing your Name, Surname, BVN, Birthday & Gender.
  4. Can’t remember your BVN? Not to worry, just dial *565*0# to get your BVN.
  5. Keep in mind that your Name arrangement and information as on your BVN must be the same.
  6. Set your “Bank information “
  7. Film in “Education and Employment” with your details.
  8. Click submit ams you’re good to.

That’s all…

After a successful congratulatory message from PalmCredit, your loan credit will be sent to your bank account immediately.

Take as many loan as you want up to your maximum limit. Save on interest if you repay early. Interest free for the first two days.

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11 thoughts on “PalmCredit – Get Quick Loan Without Collateral

  1. I applied for loan and 7000 was my limit which applied and for confirmation of atm my account was debited for N1 and yet to receive the amount. Please kindly help me confirm.

    Adeola K Gbadamosi

  2. I am still not certain about the genuine of Palmcredit. How can I be sure that once I provide my BVN, account number and Bank name, I am not going to be defrauded? Please, let me be reassured.

  3. I have taken a loan from your organization since 10th of Dec 2018 and my due time to pay back is on the 23th of Dec 2018 and till now, I could not pay back the loan due to error on the application which keep say try again later and my intrest keep increasing.
    Pls help me out.

  4. I was successful on completing the form but I was rejected and I don’t know the reason behind it pls can I know the reason

  5. I have loan to pay back and I have default it but am trying to pay both the loan and the default amount together today 23rd of January, 2019. All my effort to pay as usual am paying back was proof abortive all what am seeing is (1) Not sufficient fund (2) Abnormal status of bank account. Verify status of bank account, aside this it is displaying delinquent, please kindly help me out to pay the loan on time

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