Over 500 pilgrims escape death as plane crash lands in Minna

Tragedy was averted on Saturday, when a Max Air aircraft bringing over 509 Muslim pilgrims back from Mecca in Saudi Arabia suddenly developed a technical fault while attempting to land at the Minna international airport in Niger State.

According to reports, the plane had between 550 and 600 people on board. The aircraft damaged parts of itself and also destroyed the tarmac in the incident.

The Nation reports that the aircraft, a Boeing 744 with registration number 5N/ DBK, reportedly developed technical fault in one of its four engines when it approached the airport.

It quoted a source as saying to newsmen said that no injury or death was recorded in the incident which destroyed part of the tarmac when the aircraft skidded off the runway.

Officials of the Accident Bureau of Investigation from Lagos state have visited the scene of the incident and inspected the partly damaged aircraft.

Eyewitnesses said that the Minna International Airport was saved from a big disaster because a fire from the aircraft would have been hard to stop since there are no firefighting vehicles there.

“The fire that would have followed would have spread to all parts of the airport because we don’t have fire fighting vehicles in this airport,” a senior official of the airport said.

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