14 Year Old Girl Arrested For Selling Marijuana In School

A 14year old student has been arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to her fellow students in South Africa.

The JSS 3, student studied at a high school in Verulam. She was found in possession of 24 wrappings of marijuana yesterday morning.

Officers received a call around 9:30 in the morning that a female student of the school had in her possession narcotics with the intent of selling to other students in the school during their lunch break.

Responding to the tip-off a female Reaction Officer accompanied by an educator from the school entered the pupils classroom.

The girl upon noticing the officer, removed a pink pencil-case from her bag and placed on the desk of the pupil seated next to her. When the RUSA Officer opened the pencil-case she discovered the 24 wrappings of cannabis inside.

 During the interrogation investigators discovered that the marijuana was given to her by her 17-year-old sister who is in SS 2 at the same school.

She added that she was selling for her sister who normally sells the drugs to other students in the school, but was absent from school on that day.

She confessed that she was told to give the pencil-case to a pupil who would approach her during the lunch break and assist her to sell the drugs to other learners for R5.00 each.

According to her: “My sister sells the drugs to other pupils in school but she is not fine and cannot make it to school today, so I was asked to give the drugs to a guy who will help sell to other students in the school that normally buys from my sister”

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